Tales from the lab

A rom-com

Don’t be the MATLAB guy.

Occasionally I’m asked if I “know” MATLAB. My former company had two licenses for MATLAB, and my development machine was one of the two computers with a license installed. You see, the last guy that owned my work computer was a Ph.D. HE knew MATLAB. The guy was also clearly into math, and he developed […]

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A Private Git server using Raspberry Pi 3

Sometimes you don’t want to share. That’s what this post is all about. Intentionally not sharing code and data. In this project, I wanted a private Git repo that I could access on my network through SSH. Most Git services allow users to host public projects for free but will charge varying amounts if you’d […]

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I have many passwords. I also apparently have “security fatigue.” What sucks is that I need my passwords to be stronger. I can’t remember them when they’re auto-generated and entirely random. There ARE solutions to my problem out there, like Mooltipass, Yubikey, and the U2F Zero. These are very cool, but the U2F Zero isn’t […]

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Google MyMaps is Amazing

I’m usually not a google fanboy. I even tried to “de-google” my phone last year with mixed results. Maybe I’ll write up a thing about that experience, but let me tell you, my cell phone isn’t the same. A bunch of stuff doesn’t work anymore, and I had to reinstall just enough to get Google […]

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Using KiCAD on the daily

I use KiCAD a lot. KiCAD is love, KiCAD is life. For me, KiCAD gets the heck out of the way while I get work done. However, my coworker insists that our company should spend money on another EDA. I’m reasonably sure you know which one I’m talking about without even saying the product’s name. […]

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AI writing tools

I’ve recently been writing an RFP, and in the middle of writing it I stopped to think about all the tools I was using. Spell check, obvi Grammarly smmry.com A whole bunch of google and duckduckgo It has gotten to the point now where I push things to smmry.com to see if it’s worth my […]

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