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New Tech Related Content Moving to Volunteer Labs

Fludwerks has always been a “concept” company. It’s not official in anyway, not even a legally recognized entity. I’ve always used this domain as a test ground for any web related projects that I’ve had. Now that Volunteer Labs is coming off the ground, I think it’s about time I moved my tech related content […]

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Machine Vision and OpenCV

Today has been pretty productive. I’ve released a second open source project, a Python Serial Monitor and I’ve been working on some machine vision projects that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Back in the day I wrote a bot for a game I liked playing. It would read my computer screen and then […]

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Unbreaking FLUDWERKS

So, my website was broken for about 24 hours. I was getting the “Updating Failed” and red bar message with WordPress and couldn’t find a workable solution to fix it. What made it worse is that when I initially paid for hosting I opted for having it run on a windows machine… which at the […]

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