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Making cool KiCAD artwork

I really, really, really, truly, absolutely, can’t stand the holidays. Every year I throw money at my holiday problem, and hope everything works out. I even suffer emotional trauma when I see people opening the gifts I gave  in front of me. Who knew that my mom wouldn’t enjoy a Bob Dylan Christmas album, or that […]

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A Private Git server using Raspberry Pi 3

Sometimes you don’t want to share. That’s what this post is all about. Intentionally not sharing code and data. In this project, I wanted a private Git repo that I could access on my network through SSH. Most Git services allow users to host public projects for free but will charge varying amounts if you’d […]

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I have many passwords. I also apparently have “security fatigue.” What sucks is that I need my passwords to be stronger. I can’t remember them when they’re auto-generated and entirely random. There ARE solutions to my problem out there, like Mooltipass, Yubikey, and the U2F Zero. These are very cool, but the U2F Zero isn’t […]

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