Month: April 2019

New Tech Related Content Moving to Volunteer Labs

Fludwerks has always been a “concept” company. It’s not official in anyway, not even a legally recognized entity. I’ve always used this domain as a test ground for any web related projects that I’ve had. Now that Volunteer Labs is coming off the ground, I think it’s about time I moved my tech related content […]

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Parallax Feedback 360 and Arduino

A problem that I have with hobby servos is that they typically don’t have 360 degree rotation and positional feedback. That was until the Parallax Feedback 360 was released. In the adafruit product video (3:41) they actually crack the little guy open so you can see its guts. Basically it’s a normal continuous servo that uses a AS5600 contactless hall effect sensor that gives positional feedback as a pulse train.

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