Unbreaking FLUDWERKS

So, my website was broken for about 24 hours.

I was getting the “Updating Failed” and red bar message with WordPress and couldn’t find a workable solution to fix it. What made it worse is that when I initially paid for hosting I opted for having it run on a windows machine… which at the time, I didn’t think was a big deal… but in retrospect, literally everyone their WordPress on Linux. Even possible solutions that may have worked, weren’t really an option for me. Even something as simple as checking error logs was impossible since this website is running on a shared machine that was running on windows.

I decided that my website was small enough to do a reinstall of WordPress. There was the risk that I could lose a lot of my website, but I didn’t think updating WP was going to be such a pain to begin with and I hadn’t prepared for the update. I really should have.

To summarize what I ended up doing:

  1. I moved then current instance of WordPress to a different location on my webhost.
  2. I created a new Instance of WordPress where my original site was.
  3. I exported all of my data from WordPress using Tools->Export
  4. I created separate exports for my post data and all of my image data
  5. I re-imported all of my data into the new WP instance. Tools->Import
  6. WordPress kept timing out on imports so I had to re-import. Media that wasn’t getting imported wouldn’t display in my new Instance of WP so I’d have to delete anything corrupted and try again. This took a long time. I do a bunch of photography.
  7. After a few hours of importing I think I’m almost 100% back to normal. In retrospect, I probably could have made my life easier by temporarily increasing the timeout delay on my WP instance before starting.

This was a HUGE pain to do. It took me all day today just to get my images back using this method. I also had to re-download my theme and make modifications to it again. For a small site like mine this is doable, but for a larger site I can see how this wouldn’t fly. I would only recommend doing this if there is literally no other alternative.