FIXED – WordPress (on godaddy) Breaks again

In the eternal struggle that is WordPress development, I finally updated to the most recent version of WP. Boy was that a mistake.

The first then that happened was that I got an “Updating Failed” or “Failed to Publish” error when I would add new posts or modify existing ones. For the moment, even though it fails the changes will still take.

I like this version a lot. One really cool new feature is that it has photo gallery widgets and feature images as part of wordpress itself. Very cool. The only problem is that GoDaddy doesn’t seem to play nice with it. At least not with my setup. The problems that I’m having are essentially with the post editor saying “Updating Failed.” Going into Chrome doesn’t help much either, since it repeats “Internal Server Error 500”. The next reasonable thing to do would be to check my server logs… but, I’m running on a GoDaddy Shared server using Plesk…. Oh well. Once I figure out a solution I’ll post it. It’s not going to be obvious, but this is the pain of not switching to a Linux server years ago when I had the chance.

In the meantime, however, I have found that even though it says it has failed, I’m still able to update, create new posts, ect… Not ideal, but it “works.”

Edit – I have a “Fix” for this error, but it amounted to a full reinstall of WP. I talk about it here: