Google MyMaps is Amazing

I’m usually not a google fanboy. I even tried to “de-google” my phone last year with mixed results. Maybe I’ll write up a thing about that experience, but let me tell you, my cell phone isn’t the same. A bunch of stuff doesn’t work anymore, and I had to reinstall just enough to get Google Maps and navigation working because GPS navigation is one of the best parts about having a cell phone. I’m very excited about the Librem 5 by the way, which is a purely Linux based cell phone. According to some users on Reddit, Google tracks so much data that they even know when you step into and out of your car, and according to this article Google will monitor you regardless of your privacy settings.

That kind of data collection is creepy. Google is creepy.

Anyway, back to Google MyMaps. Only a few months ago I had to slog through Google’s API and start writing in everyone’s second least favorite language, javascript. The map, once made, wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be. To get a feel for what I’m talking about check out this link to Google’s demo of the API. For it to even work, you’ll need to upload a .css file, a .js file, and modify your HTML to call your map script. It’s a real pain. But now you can eat your cake and have it too it seems. You can use MyMaps to add locations, custom markers, add pictures, and the code is one line total. It’s freaking amazing.

My line:

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

Yields this:


MyMaps solves soooooo many problems for a developer. Now I can create an initial map for a client and then hand it off to them for future updates. The user interface for it is very simple too, so a five-minute walkthrough is sufficient to get the point across as to how to update their map.

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